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why tai chi for musicians

Repetitive Strain Violin shoulder injury from misuse. Tai Chi can help.

minimise injuries

Musicians often suffer injuries caused by repetitive strain and overuse, usually laid over the top of underlying tension and postural issues.

Through the practice of Tai Chi and related exercises awareness of the body is heightened, allowing for the letting go of unconscious holding and tension. 

This allows for a much more relaxed and neutral posture which can improve efficiency of movement.

Piano Injury Tai Chi. Wrist and ellbow tendonitis casued by overuse.

reduce stress and fatigue

Long hours of practice and performance can be stressful and exhausting for both the body and mind.

As a mindfulness practice, Tai Chi can help harmonize the nervous system, bringing a sense of centred and alert calm. 

It also balances and strengthens the body, giving a relaxed stamina.

enrich your playing

Clearly if you limit your injuries, stress, and fatigue, your playing will have the opportunity to improve, but Tai Chi offers more than this. As an embodied mindfulness practice, it is ideal for bringing more awareness to the body, and more presence of mind. This can increase poise, physical sensitivity, and alertness.

This harmonisation of body and mind, relaxed yet alert, can bring a new dimension to your playing.

Tai Chi Overplaying brass instrument shoulder and neck problems.
Improve posture, tension, and injuries through Tai Chi

online course

At Tai Chi for Musicians, we've developed an online course specifically tailored to the needs of musicians. 

Short, simple lessons allow you to learn at your own pace, and fit practice in around your schedule. Soon you will discover keys to unlocking your potential for body awareness.  



I am currently based in London, and am available for workshops worldwide

Tai Chi for Musician Injuries such as wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck problems

Tai Chi massively helped me become aware of my posture and how it was affecting my playing and daily life. I never realised how incredibly tense my body was and how playing trumpet had caused it. Doing Tai Chi helped me improve my rounded shoulders and the pronounced curve in my spine. I've been able to support my breath more easily whilst playing and be on my feet for longer. 

Roderick (Trumpet)


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Tai Chi can help with musical injuries caused by too much practice

Tai Chi for Musicians


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