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musical injuries

I've been practicing Tai Chi with one of the world's foremost practitioners and teachers of authentic Tai Chi since 2008. I can honestly say it has done wonders for my bio-mechanical health.

Through the practice of Tai Chi, I gradually realised that I was holding my body with a huge amount of tension within, and this had over the years literally pulled my body out of its most neutral and efficient alignment.

It is my belief that many of the chronic issues suffered by musicians due to long hours of playing, are exacerbated by such underlying patterns of holding and tension in the body. Further, without sufficient body awareness, the hours of repetitive practice can likely make the unconscious tension worse, trapping the body in a downward spiral of sub-optimal function, degeneration, and pain.


These chronic physical difficulties can lead to the loss of joy in playing, long term health and mobility issues, and can have a significant detrimental effect on the career. Though not a musician myself, I have witnessed many musicians benefit greatly from Tai Chi, and experience significant alleviation of symptoms.

Through the practice of Tai Chi, you can first discover, and then unlearn these unconscious holding patterns in your musculature and fascia. Through this process, you can release your body from its self created prison, and from this newly discovered space of relaxation and poise, open up your full potential as a musician.

Repetitive Strain Violin shoulder injury from misuse. Tai Chi can help.
Piano Injury Tai Chi. Wrist and ellbow tendonitis casued by overuse.

reduce stress and fatigue

Long hours of practice and performance can be stressful and exhausting for both the body and mind.

As a mindfulness practice, Tai Chi can help harmonize the nervous system, bringing a sense of centred and alert calm. 

It also balances and strengthens the body, giving a relaxed stamina.

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enrich your playing

Clearly if you limit your injuries, stress, and fatigue, your playing will have the opportunity to improve, but Tai Chi offers more than this. As an embodied mindfulness practice, it is ideal for bringing more awareness to the body, and more presence of mind. This can increase poise, physical sensitivity, and alertness.

This harmonisation of body and mind, relaxed yet alert, can bring a new dimension to your playing.

Tai Chi Overplaying brass instrument shoulder and neck problems.
Improve posture, tension, and injuries through Tai Chi

online course

At Tai Chi for Musicians, we've developed an online course specifically tailored to the needs of musicians. 

Short, simple lessons allow you to learn at your own pace, and fit practice in around your schedule. Soon you will discover keys to unlocking your potential for body awareness. There are also a number of guided meditative lessons you can use anytime to compliment your practice. Structures vary


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